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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is profiting off anti-Trump hysteria

The marketers behind Hulu’s new miniseries, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” must be geniuses. A remake of the classic 1985 dystopian novel, the show has generated lots of free press comparing the theocratic right-wing dictatorship in the story to President Trump’s administration.

Writing for The Los Angeles Times, Charlotte Ann reports that she’s “lost count” of the number of articles that describe the series as “timely”:

Here’s just a short list of print and online outlets where the T-word appears in connection with the re-creation of Atwood’s fictional America turned into a grim theocracy called Gilead that treats women like breeding cattle: the Hollywood Reporter, the Washington Post, the Guardian, Mother Jones, Harper’s Bazaar, the Daily Beast, Bustle, NPR, and CNN. The 77-year-old Atwood herself chimed in, telling the Los Angeles Times’ Patt Morrison: “We’re no longer making fiction — we’re making a documentary.”

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Don’t freak out about the net neutrality “repeal”

The media is hysterical over FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s announced intention to repeal net neutrality rules. A quick Google search makes it look like the end of the world. Here’s just a small sample of some headlines:

All the progressive buzzwords are out in full force in this debate. But what exactly does Mr. Pai do to deserve this infamy?

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Introducing Young Voices’ New Staff

It’s been a busy month for Young Voices. First, we gave a lecture to 50+ young libertarian writers at the International Students For Liberty Conference (check out SFL’s recording from Facebook Live). The very next weekend, our writers took the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) by storm, with Advocate Natalie Le featured in Teen Vogue and executive director Casey Given quoted in Vice on the alt-right.

Now, we’re getting ready to onboard three new hires for Young Voices at the end of the month. Our expanded team presents an unprecedented opportunity for Young Voices to identify more rising stars in the liberty network and empower them with the media training needed to get their bright ideas out in the public.

Introducing Young Voices’ new staff:

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 3.37.06 PMLiz Wolfe graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2016 after taking breaks from school to live and work in D.C., Chile, and Mexico. As a Young Voices Advocate for over one year, her writing has been published in Bustle, Reason, Truthout, FEE, and the Richmond Times-Dispatch on a myriad of topics (most of them related to criminal justice). As Young Voices’ new Managing Editor, Liz will be Young Voices’ primary programs officer, editing and pitching our Advocates’ commentary to media outlets around the world. When she’s not writing and editing, she’s rock climbing at her local bouldering gym and eating tacos at home in Austin, Texas. Liz is already on her first assignment for Young Voices, covering South by Southwest. You can follow her on Twitter at @lizzywol.

headshot2Lucy Steigerwald is a writer whose work has appeared in publications such as Playboy, Reason, The American Conservative, Vice, the Daily Beast, and the Washington Post. Previously, she worked as an associate editor for Reason Magazine, as a freelance editor for the New York Observer, and is currently a contributing editor at As Young Voices’ new Assistant Editor, Lucy will be focusing on mentoring our young writers as well as contributing her own pieces. Steigerwald graduated from Chatham University, and takes the occasional photograph. She’s angry about war and prisons. You can follow her on Twitter at @LucyStag.

Headshot for YVStephen Kent is a graduate of political science from UNC-Greensboro. After college, he was a Field Director for Generation Opportunity in Raleigh, North Carolina and went on to serve as deputy press secretary and then digital strategist for the national millennial-focused organization. As Young Voices’ new Public Relations Manager, Stephen will be focusing on getting our Advocates onto radio and TV as well as managing our web presence. Stephen is passionate about millennial politics, criminal justice reform and consensus building in an increasingly polarized world. When he is not working or podcasting about Star Wars, Stephen loves long hikes with his wife and young daughter. You can follow him on Twitter at @Stephen_Kent89.