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Young Voices Turns One

One year ago today, Young Voices formally incorporated as a nonprofit organization. What an incredible journey it’s been! In the months since, we’ve doubled our article output from a monthly average of 15 to 30. We’ve also doubled our staff from two to four, increasing our capacity to identify and empower the next generation of pro-liberty thought leaders.

In the past month alone, Young Voices’ writers have been featured in The Daily Beast, The Glenn Beck Program, National Review, Playboy, Newsweek, RealClearPolitics, SiriusXM, and USA Today. Oh, and we were cited by the Congressional Research Service! Our network of young commentators are spreading the message of liberty on airwaves, cables, and in print across the world.

This promising start is all because of supporters like you. I’ve been blown away by the help I’ve received from people passionate about our mission of empowering young libertarians. For all the advice, connections, and support you’ve given, Friend, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as Young Voices continues our operations for another twelve months… and hopefully twelve years after that! But for now, it’s time to celebrate!

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The net neutrality debate and beyond: A Rare interview with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

Recently, I was invited to sit down with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai to discuss tech policy under the Trump administration. The FCC has been all over the news recently, especially in regards to net neutrality, as I’ve covered in Rare. Our conversation covered a wide range of topics in addition to the Open Internet Order, including digital privacy, broadband deployment, and the role of Congress in designing tech policy.

GIVEN: Since your appointment, there’s been two big policy changes that have caused some furious backlash from the press. First, the reversal of Obama-era privacy rules and net neutrality. Did you expect such a reaction coming into the job?

PAI: Well, I know it’s a politically polarizing time, and I realize that some of the decisions that were made by the past administration on a party-line basis, changing those decisions would engender an equal and opposite reaction if you will from those who are vested in the original decision. And so, it’s not a surprise to me at all. This has traditionally been one of the tougher jobs in Washington, DC because you’re always going to have to displease somebody. But, moving forward, what I’ve tried to bring to the job is a spirit of bipartisanship…..

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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is profiting off anti-Trump hysteria

The marketers behind Hulu’s new miniseries, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” must be geniuses. A remake of the classic 1985 dystopian novel, the show has generated lots of free press comparing the theocratic right-wing dictatorship in the story to President Trump’s administration.

Writing for The Los Angeles Times, Charlotte Ann reports that she’s “lost count” of the number of articles that describe the series as “timely”:

Here’s just a short list of print and online outlets where the T-word appears in connection with the re-creation of Atwood’s fictional America turned into a grim theocracy called Gilead that treats women like breeding cattle: the Hollywood Reporter, the Washington Post, the Guardian, Mother Jones, Harper’s Bazaar, the Daily Beast, Bustle, NPR, and CNN. The 77-year-old Atwood herself chimed in, telling the Los Angeles Times’ Patt Morrison: “We’re no longer making fiction — we’re making a documentary.”

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