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Announcing the Young Voices Award Finalists

Last month, I announced a partnership with the Reason Foundation recognizing young writers for excellence in advancing libertarian principles, the Young Voices Award. Today, I am thrilled to announce the three finalists, who will be speaking at FreedomFest leading up to the award ceremony at the 2018 Reason Media Awards on Saturday, July 14th.

Nick Sibilla, Institute for Justice: Nick is a writer and legislative analyst for the Institute for Justice, where he frequently covers civil forfeiture, occupational licensing, and other government schemes that violate individual rights. His writings have appeared in many high-profile outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post,, the New York Post, Barron’s, The Guardian, Slate, Wired, Reason, and numerous newspapers nationwide. >Check out Nick’s archives at

Brittany Hunter, Foundation for Economic Education: Brittany is an associate editor at the Foundation for Economic Education. Brittany often takes a millennial approach to her writing, hoping to show her peers how much they rely on free market marvels, like the sharing economy, in their daily lives. Previous to FEE, Brittany was a spokesperson for Generation Opportunity, where she made frequent speaking appearances about millennials’ attitudes towards capitalism. >Check out Brittany’s archives at

Nolan Gray, Market Urbanism: Nolan is the policy director for the Center for Market Urbanism and a grad student pursuing a Master’s in City and Regional Planning at Rutger’s University. His work has appears frequently in CityLab, a division of The Atlantic, as well as >Check out Nolan’s archives at CityLab

I look forward to seeing Nick, Brittany, and Nolan in Las Vegas and hearing their perspectives about the future of libertarian journalism.

Announcing Young Voices’ Campus Pundit Scholars

Since 2016, Young Voices has been rewarding college students for publishing pro-liberty op-eds in their university newspapers through our Campus Pundit Program. This semester, we decided to shake things up by adding a scholarship component to the program, rewarding a total of $1,750 to the top three students who present an interesting perspective that might otherwise go unheard.

Today, I’m excited to announce the winners of our Campus Pundit Scholarship as well as their articles.

First Place
Amelia Irvine is a junior at Georgetown University studying government and economics. She is the president of Georgetown’s Network of Enlightened Women, a conservative and libertarian women’s group; the president of Love Saxa, a healthy relationships group; and the sponsorship director for the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life. In her winning piece for The Hoya, Amelia boldly argues that her campuses’ gun-free zone policy endangers the very students that it’s meant to protect. >Read her piece

Second Place
Razi Lane serves as senior class president at Hillsdale College, where he will graduate with degrees in politics and history. He interned at The Heritage Foundation in 2016, is a member of Young Americans for Freedom, and will attend law school at the University of Notre Dame in the fall. In his second-place piece for the Collegian, Razi tackles retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ recent New York Times op-ed arguing for a repeal of the Second Amendment. >Read his piece

Third Place
Andre DuBois IV is a senior majoring in petroleum engineering at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette who will be graduating in August. He is currently serving his second year as activism director of his school’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter and is also a pro-liberty columnist for his university newspaper. In his third-place piece for The Vermillion, Andre tackles common myths about concealed carry. >Read his piece

Last Chance to Nominate for the Young Voices Award

Tomorrow is the last day to nominate a candidate for the Young Voices Award. Submit your favorite young writer’s name now before it’s too late!

The Young Voices Award is a partnership with our friends at the Reason Foundation aimed at highlighting excellent libertarian writers under 30. Reason will be giving away a $2,500 award named in Young Voices’ honor at the 2018 Reason Media Awards, to be held on July 14th at FreedomFest in Las Vegas.

Nominations for the award are open on Young Voices’ website until 11:59 PM EST tomorrowApril 6th. Prospective candidates can nominate themselves or be nominated by others. Young Voices will select three finalists who will receive a free trip to FreedomFest to participate in the festivities. I will be hosting a breakout panel at the conference with the three finalists on the future of journalism.

Please nominate any journalist or policy writer under 30 who exemplifies excellence in promoting libertarian values. But, don’t delay! The clock is ticking, so nominate now!