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Advocate Yael Published in PanAm Post on Open Borders

Young Voices Advocate Yael Ossowski was published by The Pan American Post writing about the benefits of open borders.

It would allow goods and services to flow between borders without bureaucratic intervention, inevitably the most difficult part of trading with people across national lines. It would allow people in economically devastated areas to find more accessible work elsewhere, without the threat of prison or deportation which that separates them from their families.

You can find the entire opinion piece here.

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Advocate Luca Published in the Fielder

Young Voices Advocate Luca Bertoletti writes about immigation in his latest article “Immigration Policy: A Moderate Approach” in the Italian newspaper The Fielder.

Immigrants, often, do not come to live in more advanced countries most to live off the State, and most likely have never heard of welfare state. The immigrant moves to the so-called first world to live a decent life, to raise their children without the fear of dying from malaria or being killed in a reprisal of any ethnic group, and that is why often the best way to make a living is to open their own business, in order to meet the needs of those who have the same religion or the same culture.

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Advocate Rasmus published by

Young Voices Advocate Rasmus Brygger writes about the political sympathies of the hippy movement in his latest article “Real Hippies: Classical Liberals” in the Danish news outlet

The hippie movement in the 60s and 70s are probably the group that are culturally defined most of our current society.

The sexual liberalism, authority criticism breach of outdated patterns of family life, child rearing, and not least the fantastic musical emancipation has in many ways ties back to the hippie era.

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