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Happy Birthday to Us

On this day in 2016, Young Voices officially incorporated as a nonprofit organization. Two years later, our programs have grown by leaps and bounds, and we’re more excited about the future than ever.

Here’s a few highlights from the past year:

  • We’ve published 393 op-eds — an average exceeding one per day.
  • We’ve placed 91 radio and TV interview hits — a major expansion of our broadcast outreach.
  • We’ve helped Advocates like John Dale Grover take the next step in his career: “I was hired as an assistant editor at The National Interest on the strength of my experiences, especially my articles and TV appearances through Young Voices. If it weren’t for the opportunities I’ve had as an Advocate, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” 

But, we’re just getting started! We’ve got exciting plans for the year ahead including:

  • Accepting new writers to our roster of Advocates. Applications are now open!
  • Giving away an award with the Reason Foundation at FreedomFest to recognize an excellent libertarian writer under 30 — the Young Voices Award.
  • Honing our writers’ advocacy skills with the launch of issue-specific policy fellowships. Stay tuned for updates!

None of this would have been possible without the support of our donors and partners. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Together, we will make the next two years even bigger for our network of young writers for liberty.

Applications Now Open for Young Voices’ Advocate Program

I am excited to announce that applications to Young Voices’ Advocate Program for 2018 are now open. We will be considering candidates to add to our roster of pro-liberty writers under 30 from today until July 31st.

The Advocate Program is Young Voices’ premier project, providing op-ed editing and media placement services to talented young people knowledgeable in the classical liberal tradition. Our staff works as each Advocate’s personal communications team, editing and pitching their work for publication as well as TV/radio opportunities. Since 2013, our Advocates have been featured in many notable outlets including The Daily Beast, Fox Business, The Guardian, Newsweek, SiriusXMand USA Today.

If you are a young professional looking to develop an expertise in policy and build your brand as a writer, I encourage you to apply today!

Announcing the Young Voices Award Finalists

Last month, I announced a partnership with the Reason Foundation recognizing young writers for excellence in advancing libertarian principles, the Young Voices Award. Today, I am thrilled to announce the three finalists, who will be speaking at FreedomFest leading up to the award ceremony at the 2018 Reason Media Awards on Saturday, July 14th.

Nick Sibilla, Institute for Justice: Nick is a writer and legislative analyst for the Institute for Justice, where he frequently covers civil forfeiture, occupational licensing, and other government schemes that violate individual rights. His writings have appeared in many high-profile outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post,, the New York Post, Barron’s, The Guardian, Slate, Wired, Reason, and numerous newspapers nationwide. >Check out Nick’s archives at

Brittany Hunter, Foundation for Economic Education: Brittany is an associate editor at the Foundation for Economic Education. Brittany often takes a millennial approach to her writing, hoping to show her peers how much they rely on free market marvels, like the sharing economy, in their daily lives. Previous to FEE, Brittany was a spokesperson for Generation Opportunity, where she made frequent speaking appearances about millennials’ attitudes towards capitalism. >Check out Brittany’s archives at

Nolan Gray, Market Urbanism: Nolan is the policy director for the Center for Market Urbanism and a grad student pursuing a Master’s in City and Regional Planning at Rutger’s University. His work has appears frequently in CityLab, a division of The Atlantic, as well as >Check out Nolan’s archives at CityLab

I look forward to seeing Nick, Brittany, and Nolan in Las Vegas and hearing their perspectives about the future of libertarian journalism.