Clemens Schneider

Country Germany
Languages German
Areas of Interest Philosophy
History of Thought

Clemens was born in Düsseldorf, growing up with US, British and Italian influences. He has studied Catholic Theology and is currently working on a PhD thesis on Lord Acton and his notion of freedom.
He has been granted a scholarship by a large German foundation and is cofounder of the “Woche der Freiheit” (Freedom Week). He won the Hayek-Essay-Contest in 2012 and was awarded a “Leuchtturm” (beacon) by the scholars of a foundation.
He has published an article on forms and history of federations in Europe in the book “Demokratie in Europa”, has interviewed Garry Kasparov for the magazine “liberal”, and writes on several German blogs and frequently gives lectures. Clemens is the co-founder of Prometheus – Das Freiheitsinstitut (the Liberty Institute).