As a nonprofit public relations shop, Young Voices provides a range of services for students and young professionals. From formal trainings to one-on-one mentorship, we can help you or your pupils learn the nuts and bolts of advocacy in the internet age.

Advocate Program

Young Voices’ premier project is our Advocate program, providing pro bono op-ed editing and placement to talented young writers knowledgeable in the classical liberal tradition. After a rigorous application process, accepted Advocates gain access to Young Voices’ copyediting and public relations capabilities. Our staff works as each Advocate’s personal communications team, editing and pitching their work for op-ed publication and TV/radio opportunities. >Learn More

Campus Pundit Program

In the fall of 2016, Young Voices launched a new program expanding our op-ed editing services to current college students in the United States. Dubbed the Campus Pundit Program, Young Voices rewards students for successfully placing articles in their campus newspaper on any pro-liberty policy. We use this program to identify new talent and to promote the ideas of liberty in an academic environment that is too often hostile to them. For the spring 2018 term, Young Voices will be rewarding $2,250 worth of scholarships for the top submissions.  >Learn More

Free Society Fellowship

Looking to the future, Young Voices is aiming to hone our advocacy and target specific issues. We intend to do so by launching issue-specific fellowships where a select cohort of our Advocates will get intensive training on particular policies with the expectation of producing regular commentary in print and on radio/TV over the course of four months. Our first experiment with this model launched in November, called the Free Society Fellowship, messaging the fundamental policies of a peaceful and prosperous society (free speech, trade, rule of law) versus the danger of illiberal populism rising around the world from this month to March 2018. >Learn More

You can learn more about our programs and metrics by reading our Quarterly Reports.

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