Young Voices’ mission is to identify and empower the next generation of pro-liberty thought leaders in journalism, policy and academia. We do so through writing training, editing, and media placement services.

Founded by Students For Liberty in 2013, Young Voices now operates independently as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the District of Columbia. Over the years, our Advocates have been published and interviewed in The New York Times Magazine, The Guardian, The Daily BeastForbes, The Huffington Post, Le Monde, and many other notable publications. Our alumni have received fellowships and full-positions at places like The Manhattan Institute, Reason Foundation, Cato Institute, The Washington Examiner, and Sen. Rand Paul’s office.

For Young Professionals

Young Voices’ premier project is our Advocate program, providing pro-bono op-ed editing and placement to talented young writers knowledgable in the classical liberal tradition. If you are an aspiring writer interested in building your brand and expertise in writing and commentary, you can apply to become an Advocate below.  Your acceptance into the program will open doors to a network of media outlets, fellow writers, and alumni around the world.

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For Current Students

In the fall of 2016, Young Voices launched a new program expanding our op-ed editing services to current college students in the United States. Dubbed the Campus Pundit Program, Young Voices rewards students with $50 for successfully placing articles in their campus newspaper advocating for classical liberal ideas.  We use this program as a way to identify new talent to promote the ideas of liberty in an academic environment that is too often hostile to them.

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For Teachers and Program Facilitators

Young Voices’ staff has delivered writing presentations to dozens of youth audiences, including NASA’s Diva Design School, George Mason University’s Washington Journalism & Media Conference, the Charles Koch Institute’s Koch Associate Program, the Cato Institute’s intern classes, the International Students For Liberty Conference, and so much more. Please contact us if you are looking to train your students, interns, or conference attendees on the nuts and bolts of writing.

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“Young Voices provides an invaluable service to young journalists and policy analysts. The media arms at most organizations have their hands full promoting their senior writers, which leaves them with little time to push out young professionals’ work. The staff at Young Voices helped me place op-eds, book radio shows, and make connections with editors. I cannot recommend this program highly enough.”

— Jared Meyer, Manhattan Institute Fellow and Young Voices Advocate. Jared is the co-author of Disinherited: How Washington Is Betraying America’s Young, and was recognized by Forbes in their 2016 list of 30 Under 30: Law and Policy

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Looking for a story? Want to book an Advocate? Have a question about our programs? You can contact us by emailing Executive Director Casey Given at [email protected].

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