Medicaid is costly for taxpayers, downright disastrous for patients — Trump’s budget would change that

On Tuesday, OMB Director Mick Mulvaney unveiled President Trump’s latest budget proposal. While it includes cuts across a variety of discretionary programs, it also reforms one of the largest healthcare entitlements: Medicaid.

The budget, officially titled “A New Foundation for American Greatness,” would offer states the choice to cap Medicaid funding through a per-capita spending allotment or a block grant for the entire program. In addition, states will receive “more flexibility to control costs and design individual, State-based solutions to provide better care to Medicaid beneficiaries.”

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Bill Wirtz joins Sky News for the French Election 2017

Young Voices Advocate, Bill Wirtz, sat down with Sky News on election night in Paris to talk about Macron’s victory in the presidential race. They talk about how Macron pulled it off and how younger voters factored into the election.



The White-Owned Restaurant Outrage Is Wildly Misplaced

The latest political correctness outcry is a series of “white-owned appropriative restaurants” in Portland. While there are legitimate grievances to be made against white people who mock other cultures and then use them to profit once they become trendy, tirades like this list don’t level the economic playing field. More often than not, they breed resentment as political correctness fights tend to back people into their respective partisan corners.

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Will a ‘mincome’ catch on in the US? One CA company is about to find out

Katie Modesitt, a Young Voices Advocate from the San Francisco Bay Area, joined “Pat & Stu” today to discuss Silicon Valley’s potentially world-changing experiment with Universal Basic Income, or “mincome.”

A private tech company in Oakland is experimenting with providing a hundred families with $1500-2000 monthly. Katie felt the experiment has a libertarian feel to it because it may eliminate the vast bureaucracy that has built up around the welfare state but acknowledged that it only works if the welfare state is disbanded.

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How Foreign Aid Hurts Famine Relief in Somalia

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently warned that Somalia is at risk of experiencing their third famine within 25 years.

In 2011 famine killed over 260,000 people, but once again the country is facing a humanitarian crisis. Half of all Somalis are in need of urgent assistance. In response, the United Nations and NGOs are seeking over $1.5 billion in donations.

This plea for aid recurs whenever the drought-prone country experiences famine.Unfortunately, donors have not helped Somalia prepare for long-term infrastructural sustainability. Rather donations have fueled corruption and further weakened Somalia’s economy.

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