Announcing the Young Voices Award

Young Voices is excited to announce a new partnership with our friends at the Reason Foundation aimed at highlighting excellent libertarian writers under 30. Reason will be giving away a $2,500 award named in Young Voices’ honor at the 2018 Reason Media Awards, to be held on July 14th at FreedomFest in Las Vegas.

Nominations for the award are now open on Young Voices’ website through April 6th. Prospective candidates can nominate themselves or be nominated by others. Young Voices will select three finalists who will receive a free trip to FreedomFest to participate in the festivities. I will be hosting a breakout panel at the conference with the three on the future of journalism.

Please nominate any journalist or policy writer under 30 who exemplifies excellence in promoting libertarian values. Young Voices is thrilled to promote the work of tomorrow’s thought leaders for freedom!

Young Voices in the news (March 14th-March 23rd)

Age Restrictions on Gun Purchases Don’t Make Sense (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Brad Polumbo

Congress Can’t Forget About Obamacare (TOWNHALL) – Jake Grant

Rand Paul opposes CIA nominee, and you should too (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Dan King

Why Cuba’s Regime Will Survive the Castros (REALCLEARWORLD) – Katarina Hall

The Trump Administration’s War on New Housing (CITYLAB)- Nolan Gray

Nashville Could Be a National Example for Transit (PLANETIZEN) – Ethan Greene

Before passing the omnibus bill, Congress should consider the spending cuts (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Jake Grant

Will the authoritarian tendencies of certain Trump supporters wane? (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) – Jerrod Laber

1st Amendment Illiteracy Isn’t Confined to Leftist Students (TOWNHALL) – Christian Barnard

California housing legislation proves ineffective (SAN FRAN EXAMINER) – Martha Ekdahl

Unfunded Pensions Could Spell Disaster for Kentucky (REALCLEARPOLICY) – Jack Hipkins

The Student Debt ‘Crisis’ Is Students’ Fault, No Bailouts (THE FEDERALIST) – Brad Polumbo

California’s battle with anti-immigrant agenda (SAN FRAN EXAMINER) – Adriana Vazquez

Alcohol Prohibition Isn’t Dead in Mississippi (FEE) – Stephen Lusk

Far right women sell xenophobia with pretty faces (GLENN BECK) – Lindsay Marchello

Let Nurse Practitioners Work (TOWNHALL) – Christian Barnard

The Triumph of Emotion Over Reason (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Zach Yost

The Phony Cuban Election (ROB SCHILLING SHOW) – Ibis Valdes

Let insurance market regulate police misconduct (SUN TIMES) – Ruben Pacheco


Young Voices in the News (March 12th – March 16th)

Stricter Age Restrictions on Gun Purchases Don’t Make Sense (NATIONAL REVIEW) – Bradley Polumbo

Baltimore’s Failed Surveillance Regime (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE) – Dan King

Liberty Won’t Be Achieved By Expanding This Big, Failed Government Program (GLENN BECK) – Cory Mass

The Trump Administration’s War on New Housing (CITYLAB) – Nolan Gray

Ky.’s Pension Crisis Isn’t Just a Funding Problem (LEXINGTON HERALD LEADER) – Nolan Gray

Let Insurance Market Regulate Police Conduct (LAS CRUCES SUN NEWS) – Ruben Pacheco

Nashville Could Be A National Example For Transit–If They Don’t Screw It Up (PLANETIZEN) – Ethan A. Greene

Let Nurse Practitioners Work (TOWNHALL) – Christian Barnard

& Ibis Valdes on the Cuban election for the Rob Schilling Show


Podcast #102: How to incentivize better policing

Being a cop is really tough. It’s also really risky. So how do we get the best possible policing and measured responses from a profession so high stress and life threatening?

Ruben Pacheco wrote in the Las Cruces Sun Times about bringing private insurance markets into the picture to cover officers like Geico covers you as a driver. This way the process of accountability becomes attached to the officer’s wallet, not the political process. It’s a revolutionary idea.

#102: How to incentivize better policing

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