Young Voices in the news (Jan 6th-Jan 12th)

Stephen Kent on Kennedy Show (FOX Business) – Stephen Kent

Googles fact checker proves media and tech bias is real (Washington Examiner) – Liz Wolfe

Upset with the status quo, women are upsetting the status quo (Rare) – Deshani Gunathilake

Miami ends red light cameras, other cities should too (National Review) – Dan King

With tax reform, Congress missed an opportunity to fix original sin of US health care (The Hill) – Charlie Katebi

Democrat Keith Ellison undermines freedom with support of Antifa (Rare) – Dan King

To Save Blue Lives, End the War on Drugs (Glenn Beck) – Julian Adorney

Don’t Force Stores to Surveil Customers (RealClearPolicy) – Andrew Wilford & Dan King

Republicans: Instead of Whining About Jeff Sessions, Legalize Pot (Daily Beast) – Lucy Steigerwald & Liz Wolfe

Young Voices on the Kennedy show (Fox Business)

This week Young Voices made it’s NYC debut on Fox Business Kennedy. Spokesperson Stephen Kent joined the ‘party panel’ to discuss DACA, Trump vs Bannon, Joe Arpaio running for Senate and pay disparity in Hollywood. Check it out here!


A Day in the Life of Young Voices

I’m often asked, “What’s a typical day like at Young Voices?” The truth is, there are no typical days in the fast-paced world of media relations. Young Voices is constantly looking for new opportunities and angles to spread the message of liberty to the masses.

But, to give you a better idea of our work, I’d like to share what our Advocates and staff were up yesterday. With respects to John Lennon, I give you “A Day in the Life of Young Voices.”

Articles are the cornerstone of Young Voices’ operations. Yesterday, Editors Liz Wolfe and Lucy Steigerwald made edits on 14 op-eds, pitched four, and had two published.

Among the highlights, Advocate Charlie Katehbi wrote in The Hill how the new tax law, while an improvement, failed to address many of the tax code’s perverse incentives pertaining to health care. In National Review, Advocate Dan King explains why the City of Miami ended their red-light camera program and makes the case for other localities to follow suit.

Meanwhile, Public Relations Manager Stephen Kent was in New York City at the offices of Fox taping an appearance on Kennedy. This is part of a broader effort by Young Voices to get our Advocates onto more TV and radio outlets to spread the message of liberty beyond the written word. Continue reading